Friday, January 28, 2011

What's It Like? Well It Doesn't Suck!

One of the questions I get asked most down here is, 'What is it like to live here?' I'm a huge fan of how our friend, Lance, answers: 'Well, it doesn't suck!' That couldn't be more true! I usually also add something along of the lines of how growing up in the Midwest, and not around water, makes me appreciate it down even more. I still find myself amazed, day after day, how beautiful of a place this is. And the day I don't? Well, then I guess that's the day it's time for me to come home.

So WHY is it so beautiful? Well, I think I'll just let the pictures do (most of) the talking!

Rainbows a-plenty! In my life before moving here, I'd seen a handful of rainbows. Now, I can't even begin to count how many I've seen and caught on camera. Here are a few of my favorites. Fun fact: The first one was taken by me from work at the same time took a picture of one happening on the golf course (pictured).

The view of Trunk Bay on St. John from above....

... and from on the beach!

Crystal clear waters in Watermelon Cay on St. John, we spent our anniversary here hiking and snorkeling.

Drunk Bay on St. John (not to be confused with Trunk Bay). One of the coolest places because people go there to build 'themselves' out of rocks. Unfortunately, a lot of them (including the Byrne, Andersen and Dolendi families) were wiped out in Hurricane Earl.

The view from Drake's Seat of Magen's Bay on St. Thomas. THE beach to go to if you're getting off a ship. I've made the mistake of going when there are 5 ships in- never again.

View of Botany Bay from a boat. This was taken the day of the 2010 Chili Cook-Off when Murray, Jonathon, Lauren and I went around the ENTIRE island. So cool to do!

Lindquist- one of my favorite beaches on St. Thomas. No services- not even a bathroom- which means very few tourists :)

Tim's Home Away From Home: The Golf Course!

View from #13 Fairway

View of the course from my friend, Julie's, pool.

Waves crashing at the green on 13 (left) and before the tee box on 14

View of 14 from the water, again taken on the day we made the trek around the island!

This was my going away sunrise before leaving for my flight home in August. Kind if makes it easy to come back, huh? Hard to believe Hurricane Earl hit just 3 days later!

A couple of beautiful sunsets live from Paradise Point! I'm so lucky to have such a great view from my 'office'!

Another sunrise from my deck, not too shabby.
I could post hundreds, no thousands, of pictures to justify just how pretty it is but I think I get charged by megabyte so that's no good! Hope this helped put a smile on the face of some of you who are under snow vs. wanting to reach through the computer and hit me. Cheers!


  1. aww i love this mary! and i miss you and the roc a lot..... definitely back to the real world and loving new york city. but there's nothing like waking up to those views and going for a quick snorkel or boat trip before work :) oxoxoxo -Carly

  2. Funny, we were saying the same thing about the bomb snow conditions this week...:)