Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh the Things I've NEVER Done!

So we've been on St. Thomas for nearly 15 months now and, yes Mom, I KNOW it's 6-9 months longer than we had planned :) I'm sorry! It occured to me awhile back that there are things I used to do on a regular basis in the states that I have yet to do here!

Washed My Car: neither Tim or I have washed our cars in the 15 months we have owned them. I guess, to be fair, Tim has only had the Wrangler for 5 months but he never washed the Escort either. It's not that we don't HAVE car washes, I just don't know exactly how they work. It isn't your typical drive-thru automatic wash- rather people (workers?) bring their own cleaning supplies and vaccuums. No idea how much it costs either! I have been there to use the automatic vaccuums on the INSIDE of my car- lots and lots of sand gets transported in the Cherokee. It rains often enough that the outside hasn't really needed it. Although recently I parked under a tree and, what must have been, a very full bird went to town. No amount of rain has fixed it yet so I guess I may have to break down and give it a rinse.

Dry Cleaning/Tailoring: I used to go to the dry cleaners so often the little Asian lady knew my car and we were on the Christmas card list. Seriously. Granted, I know both of our wardrobes have been, ahem, downgraded shall we say? However, not an item?? I guess we really didn't bring anything down that is dry clean only! I do have a dress from Vegas night that is quite sticky from sitting in a drink.... As for tailoring? Well, I'm not exactly buying business suits or nice pants. No one really needs to adjust anything on my $9 shorts from Old!

Haircuts: In all honesty, I got my first island haircut just a few weeks ago but, when I thought of this topic, I had not. It wasn't any reason in particular that kept me away from a haircut. I had one when I was in Chicago in June and in St. Louis in September. I guess it just kind of slipped my mind, fairly easy to do when you throw it in a ponytail everyday! However, things grow FAST - hair, nails, etc. and my hair was the longest it had been since high school! Julie from Erica's Salon in Frenchtown cut my hair and I can now check 'haircut' of the things I've never done list. Tim still hasn't. He's easy though- he trusts me enough to trim up a straight(ish) line in the back then he just shaves it all over. To be a boy!

Been to the Movies: Apparently it's the coldest place on the island: socks and a sweatshirt are required. I wouldn't know- we've never gone! We do Netflix and have never been BIG movie people so I don't feel deprived. In fact, I think we can count on my two hands how many times in the 8 1/2 years we've been together the number of times we've been to the movies.

I'm sure there are other things I haven't done but they don't pop into my mind because, well, obviously it's not a big deal!

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