Saturday, December 5, 2009

Laddie's Day at the Beach

Sigh... it's been two years or more since the last time Laddie tried to eat another doggie. Well, that streak is over and I'm the one that has the battlescars. Kristin- I now know EXACTLY how you felt that night, except I'm not getting married next week!

On Wednesday, neither of us had to work until the evening so we decided to join Kate, her friend, Mark, and his dogs at a place called Stumpy Beach. It's very secluded and we were looking forward for a place to run Laddie around. Unfortunately, since the terrain around our place is pretty steep she doesn't get out much. Even her trips to the bathroom are short- just down to the bottom of the hill. We try to through her ball in the breezeway but it is only so long!

(For those of you that don't know Laddie's background I'll make it short and sweet or you are going to think we have a monster dog! She was adopted from the Anti-Cruelty Society when she was about 6 months old. They thought she was abused or a bait dog or something along those line. She was terrified of most things bigger than her and water. Yes, we own possibly the only labrador who hates the water. We used to take her to the dog park and dog beach in Chicago until, around 2 years old, she started not liking other female dogs. So no more doggie interaction for Laddie! That lasted until about 2 years ago when, suddenly, she really didn't mind them anymore. I'm sure it's because she's older!)

So anyways, back to the story. We thought it wouldn't be a problem with Mark's dog. Yeah, not so much. The minute we got there she and one of them went at it. In her defense, she didn't start it. She was put on her leash for a little time out and then we tried to coax her into the water. She got sooooo close! She would run at the shoreline, get her feet wet and then run away from the ensuing wave. It was absolutely adorable! At one point she got all the way up past her stomach. I'm really thinking she has no clue how to swim though... After about an hour, I was on the shore with her and the other dog when all of the sudden she was nipped at and it was Round 2! This time I was literally in the middle and able to grab both collars except as I did that Laddie was lunging at the dog and got me. I now look like a wife beaten heroin addict.

On a positive note, for the first time, we gave Laddie a bath! She's been a PetSmart bathed dog forever but that is just not an option down here. She was very good and the Pert Plus left her fluffy and smelling good! Now, on to brushing her teeth and clipping her nails ourselves...

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