Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Place There: Check! Condo Rented Here: Partial Check!

It's amazing how much can happen in 24 hours! Yesterday we got confirmation that we have a home in St. Thomas! We are going to be living with our new friend Kate who is old friends and roommates with our friend Bill (thanks again Billy C.!). It is such a huge relief to (a) have a home and (b) be living with someone who knows much more than we do about the island. Laddie is even going to have some playmates- 2 kittens and a Retriever that live upstairs. Check out our pictures- they are the ones that have 2BR under them (the 3BR is the other unit). They are on Facebook though so I don't know if you can see them if you don't have an account.


It does occur to me that I have NO idea what our address is nor how to get to the house!

Secondly, we've shown the condo twice. The couple that came through today gave a verbal definite to their leasing agent for a 2 year lease! One catch- it begins November 1st! Can't decide if I should be jumping for joy or curled up in the fetal position with panic. If they can give us just a few more days- say November 3rd- we'd be in great shape. That way we can move out of here November 2nd and head to St. Louis for a few days before we fly out of Chicago at the end of that week. Granted, nothing is a done deal until the paperwork is signed!

It's actually all coming together!


  1. don't forget the pleasantries (good morning, good afternoon and good evening!) before conducting any transaction - by phone or face. You'll get a lot more accomplished! TRUST ME, I learned the hard way! What are you doing for wheels?

  2. That's amazing. It really is coming together. Fantastic views. I'm happy that you guys are doing this, because we hope to come there in December.

  3. Yay for things falling into place! If you need boxes, Julie always has tons at Ann Taylor Loft, and they are the best moving boxes ever!